How to check antibody data against a target in the NaturalAntibody platform

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The NaturalAntibody platform is an AI-based platform that facilitates in silico design of therapeutic antibodies. The solution includes the Antibody Database, the world’s biggest data bank for antibodies that harmonizes it in the form of knowledge graphs for faster decision-making.

One of the most valuable use cases of Antibody Database is advanced search empowered by synonymization, which allows users to check all the key data about antibodies developed against a specific target.

Watch this video to see how this works step by step:

Prefer to read? Here’s a quick overview of the process

Let’s say that you have a name for a target. You want to find any information about antibodies developed against it across the scientific literature, patents, and other sources. That way, you can learn more about the possible biological context of the antibody and antigen.

Step 1: Type in your target’s name

You can search by a single sequence, CDR H3, or keyword. In this case, we chose to search by keyword. The target name should be the gene name or its alias - for example, VEGF-A.

AbStudio Antibody Database

The NaturalAntibody platform combines data from the following sources:

  • Patented antibodies,
  • Structures
  • GenBank antibodies,
  • Next-Generation Sequencing,
  • Therapeutic sequences,
  • Manually-curated paper sequences.

Step 2: Synonymization

Using Natural Language Processing, the platform assigns and normalizes synonyms from various databases to the target.

We do this to make sure that you get all the alternative names and IDs of this target when searching through the Antibody Database to increase the coverage of search results.

AbStudio Antibody Database

The databases covered are as follows:

  • HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee (HGNC),
  • National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI),
  • UniProt.

Step 3: Antibody search

Using this list, the platform searches the Antibody Database for antibodies associated with specified targets.

AbStudio Antibody Database

Result: A synonyms map with a list of targets and their synonyms

The page contains all the hits in the Antibody Database related to the target together with their annotations. The search results come from the NGS, Patent documents, Structures, Scientific Publications, and Therapeutics.

Each search result contains a “Details” section with rich annotations. When you find something insightful, you can easily add it to your research project and share it with your team.

AbStudio Antibody Database

Such antibody-specific results save you time and effort in navigating the antibody space. Using our search engine, you can translate antibody data and insights into a solid, data-driven therapeutic strategy.

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